It all started when…

In 1998, three Coulee Region women writers who loved to write but no longer wanted to do so in a vacuum, sought support from one another. They began meeting twice a month at the Franciscan Spirituality Center (FSC) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It wasn't long before the group, La Crosse Area Women Writers, grew by word-of-mouth and via mentions in the newsletters and area publications. Something magical began to happen. The synergy in the group provided not only a safe place for ideas to be expressed, but it created the desire to share story, ideas and experience.

La Crosse Area Women Writers began to hold public readings, created a literary journal called Essential Inklings and created and held a successful three-day writing conference with a national speaker—twice. 

In 2013, a core group of the La Crosse Area Women Writers launched the non-profit Women Writers Ink and began exploring new and exciting ways to teach the craft of writing and share story with the community.

Now, in 2019, with our 501 (c) (3) status, and four critique groups, we are widening our reach to include all writers! We are now the Mississippi Valley Writers Guild.


Board Members

Jess Witkins: Co-President

Alice Benson: Co- President

Heidi Blanke: Treasurer

Christy Wopat: Secretary

Teri Holford: Board Member

Amanda Zieba: Board Member