Why Join MVWG?

I’ve new to writing. Can I join?

New writers are strongly encouraged to join one a MVWG group. Anyone with a desire to write, and to improve their writing, can join. There are no prerequisites. Everyone was a new writer at some time.

Do I have to be a published author?

Absolutely not. About half of MVWG members have published their work. Some members have no desire to publish, but simply want to learn to be better writers.

How much is membership?

Membership is $120/year, payable quarterly. Group leaders and board members receive complimentary memberships.

What does membership include?

Your membership includes two critique group meetings per month, led by a dedicated group leader. In addition, you can participate in the annual reading (reading your original work), sell anything you’ve published at MVWG events, receive discounts for select MVWG events, and receive preferential sign-up opportunities for workshops and keynote speakers.

How do I pay?

The preferable way to pay is via Paypal (MVWG or mvwguild@gmail.com); checks can also be mailed to Mississippi Valley Writers Guild, PO Box 1001, La Crosse WI 54602; cash can be given to the group leader.

How do I decide which group is right for me?

Most people choose their group according to what fits best in their schedule. Though all groups offer critique and prompts, each one approaches these activities differently. Feel free to visit one or two groups before making a final decision.

What happens at a meeting?

Every meeting begins with “check-in,” where members what they’ve been writing or working on since the last meeting. The bulk of the meeting is devoted to critique—members read and offer feedback. Some groups assign a prompt to take home and read at the next meeting; other groups complete a prompt at the meeting. Primary in all groups is creating a safe place in which your writing can be shared.